The Craic

The willowy girl with Jean Harlow hair And dimples that wink in Irish soap skin Starts to Vogue in the kitchen. She'll be on the table top soon enough Tonight's craic has begun.


Mortified in the Valley: Robin 16, Unedited

One of my favorite podcasts is "Mortified" - the series where adults get up on stage and share their most embarrassing diary entries, poems, artwork and other artifacts from their childhood and adolescence. My mom and dad were about 15-20 years older than most of my friends' parents. Not long after I graduated high school, … Continue reading Mortified in the Valley: Robin 16, Unedited

The Great Escalating Tragedy

By Alitheia Markopoulos - Gazette Staff Reporter CROQUET LAWN, KY - Authorities were called to a tense scene at Narrenleute Mall last Tuesday morning. An escalator in the mall’s west wing had come to an abrupt halt, leaving 20 people stranded. After waiting a few minutes for the escalator to restart, panic began to set … Continue reading The Great Escalating Tragedy


Crank the volume Hands at ten and two Don't Take a scroll Busy hands, idle mind Leave Nothing to see here Turn up the glare Me Lost in a cul-de-sac The familiar bird sings Alone At last a destination Its aluminum gates yawn With Rusty twang exposed too long Her Heart finds no place To … Continue reading Rerun